2015 Annual Production Awards

Posted April 10th, 2015 |  Uncategorized

The Bessemer Board of REALTORS® is celebrating 50 years of serving members and the housing industry. The annual Awards Luncheon was held March 10th, 2015 at The Club and 75 people attended.
In addition to presenting the production awards to it’s members the following Past Presidents were also recognized:
Rhena Maharrey
Nancy Blankensopp
Michelle Harris
Texie Warnick
Kelly Reaves
Joanne Dee
Dan Dulaney
Barbara Foster
Katherine Taylor
Pam Segars-Morris
Michelle Harris
Carolyn Ashcraft
Charlene Lockhart
Lex Alderweld
Linda Shelton
Becky Ellis
Steve Addison
Sandra Williamson
Wanda Brown
Alene Buckelew
Renee Long